Twitter Relationships Done Easy with

Managing a relationship is HARD and many people could confess that maintaing a symbiotic relationship is no walk in the park.

Now, valiant reader, you may be thinking, “Why the hell is she talking about relationships? I didn’t come to this blog for that.” To which I would reply, “Oh, but did you ever think about your Twitter relationships?” THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO!

An article on Social Media Examiner by Kristi Hines entitled, How to Better Manage Your Twitter Relationships gives us the Cosmo-esque 411 on this ‘cybership’ (Cyber-relationship. Duh.).

Hines asks her readers whether they feel as if they’re out of touch with their current followers, want to know who the most valuable members of Twitter are, or feel like they could be doing more to interact with the Twitter world.  She broaches the idea that maybe, just maybe, you should consider using some help. Think of it like a marriage or relationship counselor. Ta-da!

Hines throws out a few categories of people you may find yourself belonging to. People who have businesses, but find themselves struggling to keep up with everything that goes into running a business, while still interacting with their digital relationships like they’re actually people. Do any of the following sound like you?

  • Solopreneurs or small business owners who need to spend most of their time managing their business, not their social media accounts.
  • Social media consultants who find it difficult to remember who they have engaged with among all of their various client accounts.
  • Social media community managers and teams who have to backtrack to see engagement made by other team members.

Don’t let this be you and Twitter. Also, she should have worn blue…

If you found yourself nodding your head at any of these bullets (or even if you didn’t – humor me), Hines recommends an online program called allows its users to see influencers, supporters, and the most engaged people for your business. AWESOME. Additionally, you’ll find yourself discovering new people based on interests. What happens then, is that those new people with shared interests could end up becoming your new brand advocates and enthusiasts. It’s beautiful. Touching, really.

And, since we know how relationships work, also helps to build stronger relationships with the people already in your community. These people count the most through more meaningful engagement! Cultivate your relationships and make people turn from just liking you, to loving you… and your brand.

I realize aligning this comparison the way I have makes it sound like I’m a huge supporter of Polygamy, but let’s overlook that and acknowledge the differences between cyber and actual relationships. Wait, that doesn’t really work either. Forget it. Go try


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