iPhone 5 – For The Win?

So, once again, the battle rages on. I feel like it was just yesterday I was sitting online pouring over dozens of web sites trying to decide whether I should get the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy SII. In case you were wondering, I went with the 4S (so glad I did… and I’m not getting paid to say this).

Anyway, fast-forward less than a year, and now I’m watching people decide between the greatly anticipated iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Sure, I’m a little annoyed by the rate at which Apple pops out new toys, but we’re moving past that.

The point in all of this, is that today we’re going to talk about a post on The Sales Lion by Marcus Sheridan called, Samsung Shows Complete Marketing Genius and Ignorance with Attack of the iPhone 5.

The article is fairly long (you’ll want to go check it out for yourself), but this is what I’ve pulled from it and would like to present to you on a beautiful golden platter…

Samsung created a pretty epic ad that pokes fun on anyone who waits in ridiculous lines for the new iPhone releases. The ad shows some brief perks about the Galaxy, but it’s mostly focused on pointing out that the Galaxy can compete with the iPhone 5, as well as how it can be potentially better. Check it out here:

Sheridan moves forward to point out two fatal flaws in how Samsung markets their product with social media:

  1. The Samsung video title was not showing up in Google, or any, search results. Why? Sheridan writes, “The title of the YouTube video is not optimized properly in terms of targeting the main consumer search phrase (Samsung vs. iPhone), with the title of the instead being: “The Next Big thing: Samsung Galaxy SIII” Understandably, this is the title of the campaign and therefore necessitates the phrase, but an even more effective title would have been: The Next Big Thing: Samsung Galaxy S III vs the iPhone 5.
  2. People will be frustrated that the product comparisons end with the video. Say you loved the ad and decided to visit the Samsung web site to check out the phone. Great, but you’ll struggle to find any comparisons regarding the iPhone, Galaxy, or any other smart phone for that matter. People shop based on comparisons these days, and Samsung did not provide that on their site. For an example of an AWESOME comparison article that did indeed go viral, check out this Mashable article. Who knows, maybe it will even help you pick out a new phone.

But they’re both so pretty!

Don’t panic if you realize you’ve made these two mistakes somewhere along the line of marketing your product. It’s obvious that big (Samsung) and small companies can make the same mistakes. You can always bounce back by educating yourself and fixing it next time!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check my Sprint account to see when I’m eligible for an upgrade… damn Apple…



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